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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Farming Games.

Marble Legend(MOD (Unlimited Money) v207

Marble Legend(MOD APK (Paid Content Unlocked) v0.1

So we have reduced all the distracting elements and enhanced the functions of the game, which enables you to enjoy the game with optimum performance. In this modified version, we have served unlimited amounts of gold, coins, money, diamonds, and keys, so you can freely use them and upgrade the gameplay elements at the highest possibility....
Marble Legend(MOD (God Mode, Unlimited Items) v1.

Marble Legend(MOD (Unlimited Ammo, Immortal) v500101

Summer Sports Events Mod Summer Sports Events Mod APK 1.3 Features:[] To enter a modified version of the game presented a lot of moneyCompete in your very own summer sports games and take home the gold for your country! The most celebrated sports event of the world is now in the palm of your hand!Select your favorite national team and participate in 40+ different sports events against thousands of athletes from all over the world. Enjoy simple yet challenging competitions including athletics events, shooting events, cycling events, swimming events and tennis, basketball, football, badminton, and many more! Victory and glory can be yours!Game Features:- 40+ different sports events in legend mode and tournament mode- Stunning 3D graphics, cut scenes and animations - Realistic physics and intelligent AI opponents....
Marble Legend(MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Research Points/Items) v1.2.1

Marble Legend(APK v1.11.12.0

A BOY bathing in a river was in danger of being drowned. He called out to a passing traveler for help, but instead of holding out a helping hand, the man stood by unconcernedly, and scolded the boy for his imprudence. "Oh, sir!" cried the youth, "pray help me now and scold me afterwards."....
Marble Legend(MOD APK (Free Craft, Unlimited Food & More) v2.3.1

Marble Legend(MOD (Unlimited Money/Resources) v3.6.0

And deep-brained sonnets that did amplify...
Marble Legend(MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.2.8

Marble Legend(MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.34.32

Towards this afflicted fancy fastly drew;....
Marble Legend(MOD (Unlimited Money) v3.7.2.8

Marble Legend(MOD (Unlimited Power-ups) v3.4.5

I was so glad when you brought the little dress; and since I had to lose little Joyce I like to think that the dress she wore was the one you made for her when you let yourself love me."....