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Robot Warrior Top-down shooter(APK v4.2.334)

<p>Black Desert Mobile's crossover with Netflix series Cursed has now gone live following its announcement last week. Cursed is another take on the King Arthur legend, this time focusing on the Lady of the Lake before she became, well, the Lady of the Lake.</p><p>The crossover event features an original Cursed-themed questline where you'll be tasked with protecting series protagonist Nimue from the dreaded Red Paladins. You see, she's somehow ended up stuck in the world of Black Desert, and she needs your help if she's to return to her own world.</p>Check out what's happening in Black Desert Mobile throughout the rest of July and August<p>Once you've wrapped up the questline, you'll be rewarded with special tokens that can then be swapped for in-game items.</p>.

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com.sigmateam.Robot Warrior Top-down

happymod download apk(MOD (Unlimited Nitro/Fuel/GP Medal/Gain) v2.4.6):

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