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<p>Black Desert Mobile has proven to be an incredibly popular MMORPG since it first launched back in December 2019. Since then there has been a constant flow of updates to the game that has kept the game feeling fresh with new content and systems for players to enjoy.</p><p>Today Pearl Abyss has unveiled a roadmap to give players an idea of what to expect throughout the rest of July and the first half of August. There are plenty of events to get stuck into alongside a new World boss and certain level caps being raised.</p><p>Right now, players can dive into the following:</p>Terrmian Event SeasonNew World boss: Enraged BhegAlchemy Stone Synthesis/Shakatu's Shop Rate U<p>Enraged Bheg can be challenged with other adventures and you'll be able to join the battle up to 2 hours after it appears. Defeating this enhanced version of Bheg will net players a variety of loot rewards that will increase based on your inflicted damage rankings. It will spawn every Sunday between 20:00 &ndash; 22:00 server time and can be found at the Northern Plains of Serendia.</p>.

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